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Confused about the finer details on equity release schemes? Not sure about the latest developments in the field of equity release and how they would affect you? Congratulations! You are at the right place to get all such information on all matters equity release. We at Fife & Tayside Housing Forum work hard to ensure that individuals know everything about equity release before they try the schemes for themselves. From conducting research on the most recent equity release practices to providing latest information on equity release matters and from organizing courses that educate people about equity release schemes to seminars that talk about how to use equity release schemes to your benefit, we do it all! We do the work. You reap the benefits! 

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What we offer

Informative Seminars 

You want information about equity release so as to select the right equity release deal for your house? You want information that is complete and authentic? Our informative seminars deliver content according to your requirements!

Amazing Courses

We deliver courses on equity release matters for people too. Whether you want to become an equity release advisor or want to ensure that you know everything about equity release schemes before opting for one, you will find our courses catered to your requirements!

FREE Initial Consultation 

We offer free initial consultations for everyone with the consultation being as detailed as possible. If you don’t like what we have to say, you won’t have to pay anything for our services! This won’t happen though, we are sure about it!

Impartial and Reliable Advice

We are not associated with any equity release firm and offer impartial advice, authentic information and reliable knowledge on all equity release matters.

Who is Eligible for Equity Release?

Equity release is a great offer for individuals who have no other way to generate income to manage their day to day expenses. The idea behind equity release is simple. You release equity on the value of your home and get a monthly income or a lump sum amount as a result. Once you move out of the house, the lender who provided the monthly income or the lump sum would take the money back by selling the house. There are various types of equity release schemes with each having its own specifics. However, the eligibility criteria for using these schemes are usually the same. 

The Individual Should:

Be 55 Years Old or Older

Individuals over the age of 55 are usually eligible for equity release. The reason why there is an age limit is because 55 marks the start of the years of life which are usually plagued with diseases with the chances of the individual moving out of the house to live permanently in a hospital being more.  This ensures that the lenders don’t need to lend their money for an extended period. 

Own a Property

Equity release is only possible on personally owned properties. If you don’t own a home then you can’t release its equity. This means that there should not be any outstanding loans against the house. You can be in debt to anyone but you must not owe anyone with regards to the payment of the house itself for you to be eligible for any equity release scheme.


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